Top Law Schools In UK- Eligibility, Admission, Colleges

Top Law Schools In UK- Eligibility, Admission, Colleges

Law Schools In the UK– With major instructive organizations, the UK is a consistent draw for worldwide students hoping to pursue law. Examining UK law implies you will find out about a law framework that is continually refreshing and adjusting. You will pursue law in a country where customary law started and find out about the laws covering the entire UK, just as those explicit to Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. 

In the UK, Customary law is perceived internationally, with over 33% of the world having a broad set of laws dependent on English custom-based law. Contrasted with contemplating law in nations like the USA and Canada, the UK probably offers the briefest way to turn into a legal counsellor. Your certification will normally require three years, trailed by a one-year Legal Practice Course. You would then be able to apply for a preparation contract with a law office which takes about 2 years.

In this article, findmecollege has given a complete rundown of top Law Universities in the UK based on various factors such as Global Rank, Law Degrees provided by them and also the Student Satisfaction rates:

Law Schools In the UK


  • It was founded back in the year 1876, and this is why it is one of the oldest universities for legal education.
  • From that point forward, their job and commitment in the public general set of laws have been enormous, creating probably the most eminent Law officials.
  • The University of Law in the UK offers a wide scope of study programs in various law and business disciplines.



  • This University remains at the first position on this list with its extraordinary law degrees, receptive present-day teaching techniques etc.
  • Study modules at this college mirror a pledge to help you arrive at your full intellectual and scholarly potential.
  • Their point is to urge you to foster an extraordinary comprehension of legal problems in a cutting-edge society and an enthusiasm for the part of attorneys in setting equity.
  • BA-LAW, LLM, Master’s in Corporate Law, & Doctorate in Law are some of the major programs in law provided by this University.



  • The Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford happens to be a favourite education destination in law. A law degree at this splendid college will not just qualify you as an attorney but will likewise give a bunch of extra abilities and information much required in your life.
  • This University provides two law courses. One course is a 3-year program. The other one is a four-year program; however, this one includes an additional year spent abroad at a university in France, Germany, Italy, or Spain.
  • Bachelor of Civil Law and DPhil in Criminology are some of the other major programs in law provided by this University.



  • Incredible law degrees, the main group of scholastics, an energetic and dynamic local area, in addition to a broad scope of current offices, make Glasgow University extraordinary compared to other graduate schools in the UK. 
  • Law degree at this school provides a major comprehension of the Scottish and Common Law, yet will likewise empower you to acquire extra basic and insightful abilities much pursued by planned bosses.
  • Scots Law LLB, Common Law LLB, Scots Law (Graduate Entry) LLB, Common Law (Graduate Entry) LLB, Corporate and Financial Law LLM, Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy LLM, International Commercial Law LLM are some of the major programs in law provided by this University.



  • This is one of the world’s top law schools. A top-class nature of instruction, adaptable examination programs and a unique, forward-looking training approach are commended at this exceptional college.
  • LLB Bachelor of Laws, LLM Master of Laws, Executive LLM, MSc Law and Accounting, PhD Law are some of the law degrees this University provides.



  • The School of Law at the University of Aberdeen is routinely positioned at the top, among the best law colleges in the UK, in light of its worldwide standing and unusual nature of education. 
  • Understudies in the University of Aberdeen are instructed of a wide scope of legal regions to extend their key comprehension of law-related issues, which thus will expand their employability later on.
  • LLB Law, Professional Legal Practice, LLM General Law, LLM International Law, LLM Public International Law, LLM International Trade Law, LLM International Law are some of the major programs in law provided by this University.



  • The York Law School is an image of creativity and examination situated instructing greatness. Its law degrees are profoundly esteemed in the academic world and the work market. Thus, law graduates at this college receive high employability in many areas.
  • LLB, LLM in International Corporate and Commercial Law, LLM in International Human Rights Law and Practice, LLM in Legal and Political Theory, and LLM in Art Law are some of the major law degrees this University provides.



  • Its School of Law is customarily perceived as extraordinary compared to other graduate schools in the UK. Since its establishment in 1831, this school has assumed a monstrous part in serving the local area by providing a comprehensive set of laws with knowledgeable attorneys. 
  • Its law degrees mean recognizing and resolving normal issues in this day and age, for example, environmental change, worldwide relations, worldwide economy, etc.
  • LLB Law, LLB English Law & Spanish Law, LLB Politics, Philosophy & Law, LLB English Law & French Law, LLB English Law & German Law, LLM Master of Laws are some major law degrees provided by this University.



  • The University of Dundee offers different appealing law degrees intended to give you a full viewpoint over lawful issues and generally shape your expert limits.
  • Its academic staff contains many recognized experts whose help and direction will help you acquire balanced instruction.
  • Law (Scots) LLB (Hons), Law (Scots and English Dual Qualifying) LLB (Hons), Law (Scots) with Energy Law LLB (Hons), Law LLB (Hons), Law (General) LLM, Corporate & Commercial Law LLM are some of the major programs in law provided by this University.



  • The Faculty of Laws at the UCL offers instruction of worldwide principles. 
  • Your course won’t just be restricted to show the basic law speculations yet will likewise give many strategies on the most proficient method to make that information completely relevant.
  • LLB Law, Law with French Law LLB, Law with German Law, Law with Another Legal System (Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong), LLM (Master of Laws), Law MPhil/PhD, etc., the major law programs provided by this University.

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